Julian Chen

I picked up Photography as a hobby back in 2004 and to this day, I still enjoy it tremendously. I've come to truly appreciate the art behind the lens as well as in front of the computer, post-processing. However, I don't think I can make a living out of it, and even if I did try, it would then become "work" and probably take the fun/joy out of it for me.

So with that said, if you're expecting to find breath-taking, earth-shattering, heart-pounding images... well you've come to the wrong place. =oD But if you've got some time to waste, then feel free to browse around. Hopefully some of my photos will leave you feeling that your journey through my galleries wasn't a complete waste of time.

I've also selected a few photos in my "Featured Photos" section that I feel might be print-worthy. They are available for purchase through SmugMug (just in case you have an excess amount of cash on hand and dying to spend it on photos to decorate your home or office). And I certainly can use the cash as this photography business gets mighty expensive. ;o)

Thank you for your time.

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